Is this real Sea Glass? 

Yes, we beach comb each piece of sea glass ourselves from the Irish coastline and sometimes on our trips overseas. 


 How do I take care of my Sea glass Jewellery?

Sea Glass despite being tumbled in the ocean for decades can be delicate when worn as jewellery. For this reason it it important to to treat it with care. 


 What is Aquarius Sea Jewel's ethos?

We are an Independent family-run jewellery business. We specialise in handcrafted sea glass jewellery. All our Sea glass is personally beach bombed by us,  We only use responsibly sourced Silver and gold-filled jewellery pieces. 

 What Packaging do you use?  is it sustainable? 

All our packaging is made from recycled materials we love partnering with companies that share our values. 


 How do I care for my Sterling Silver Sea Glass Jewellery? 

Over time sterling silver has a natural discolouration and tarnish. 

Luckily this can be easily remedied by using a polishing cloth.

This can be purchased from any good jewellery store.  


 What Length Necklace should I order? 

 This totally depends on your own tastes and preferences. 

It also should be noted that some of the bigger pieces will look a lot better on a bigger chain whereas some of the smaller little  pieces look better on a shorter chain. 

Here is a simple guide  to follow when choosing a chain length:

 Generally this would be a guide to follow although it depends on your neck size.

16" This sits high on just above the collarbone.

18" This is the most commonly worn length and sits on the collarbone.

20" This sits just below the collarbone.

22" This sits on the breastbone. 

 My Questions still has not been answered  here 

Please do not worry, if your question still has not been answered after reading these FAQs then please do not hesitate to contact us via Instagram at aquarius_sea_glass