Our Story

Hi, we are Rachael and Colm and together we created Aquarius Sea Jewels.

Living in Ireland you are never too far away from the sea and as long as we have been together, we have been drawn to the great outdoors and find that it’s a great space to go for contemplation, many of our problems would simply dissolve by just being there. We find that Nature holds wisdom beyond our senses and has showed us many analogies for life. By spending so much time absorbed in the elements, it was only a matter of time before we stumbled upon the magic and beauty of sea glass, and we have been obsessed ever since.

You might say that we didn’t get into beach combing and making sea glass jewellery more that it got into us.

We are in awe of how these tiny pieces of glass have been tumbled by the oceans for decades and then finally appear as a beautiful piece of sea glass on our shores demonstrating hope, resilience, and renewal.

You will now find us every week at low tide to discover what gifts have been left on our shores.

Jewellery is the perfect way to carry the sea glass and we hope it is not just worn, but felt. The process of beach combing and crafting has had such a therapeutic effect on us and has given us a feeling of a deeper sense of peace.

We are loving the journey that sea glass has taken us on so far, and the connections we have made along the way.

Thank you for taking your time out to read this, we hope that our story of how sea glass has shaped our lives inspires you as much as it has inspired us.