The Story of Sea Glass

Sea glass is a beautifully rounded and frosted piece of glass that you can find on the shoreline on a low tide.

The story of each piece of sea glass is unique as it looks as if no two pieces are ever the same along with the source of its journey and the destination where you may find it.

There is a real sense of wonder and mystery to these beautiful pieces.

We will never know each part of the sea glasses journey between being discarded into the sea and when we find it, but what we know for sure our is  :

It can take decades for each piece of glass to be tumbled to a standard where it can be used for making jewellery.

The journey starts when a piece of glass finds its way into the ocean then being tumbled by waves and rocks.

It involves a process where the glass is broken, washed and worn into a smooth and frosted shape by mother nature.

What appears on our shore line is nothing short of a miracle and it was definitely love at first sight for us. 

Every piece of Sea glass that we work with has been beached combed by us personally, from the coastline of Ireland.